Wire Guards

For over 40 years J & P Wire Products has been a leading manufacturer of custom wire guards, security cages, finger guards, fan grills and face guards. We have worked alongside lighting manufacturers, HVAC and electrical contractors, industrial and educational facility operators, government agencies, and OEM manufacturers to design and fabricate custom wire guards that help our customers extend the life of their products, and protect equipment from damage, vandalism, and theft.

Though we specialize in manufacturing light fixture guards, speaker guards, wire clock guards, exit sign guards, sensor guards, motor guards, fan guards, scoreboard guards, wire face shields, security cages and wire panels, our team of experienced designers and skilled fabricators can help create custom wire guards in a wide variety of styles and in nearly any size to fit your exact needs. We can manufacture custom wire guards in mild steel or stainless steel materials, and can incorporate additional design features such as hinges, hasps, lids, or cut outs for device access or product visibility.

We invite you to take a closer look at the images below so you can see for yourself the care and craftsman ship that goes into every wire guard and protective steel cage we create at J & P Wire. If you have any questions or would like a quote on the design and fabrication of your own custom wire guard, please contact our office today with the requirements of your product.

Some Examples of Our Wire Guards and Face Masks